Rules of the Library

  • Students are supposed to take their Handbook to the Library. If they do not have their handbook, any notebook will suffice.

  • A student can borrow books only on his / her Library Card.

  • Students are expected to read silently and behave themselves in the Library.

  • While borrowing a book, the card inside the book has to match with the Title and Accession Number of the book. If it is not the same, the book has to be returned at once and no dispute will be entertained later.
  • Students are expected to handle glass cupboards with care & keep the bookshelves neat.

  • Parents are requested to keep track of their ward’s Library Book. The book has to be returned on time. If it is not returned, a fine of @100 baiza per week will apply.

  • If the book is not returned during the vacation, a fine of @100 baiza per week will be applicable.

  • If a student loses a book, he/she will have to replace the book or bear the cost.