Code of Conduct

The school expects all students to maintain a high standard of discipline.

Being an English medium school, they are expected to communicate in English during school hours. They should be well mannered and considerate to the needs of others and courteous at all times. They should be dedicated to their academics and actively participate in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school. Violation of any of the norms of conduct is subject to an appropriate form of punishment decided by the school. Serious offences such as immoral behaviour, indulging in physical fights/brawls inside and outside the school campus, and damaging or defecting school property and forgery can lead to suspension or dismissal.

Prefects and Monitors together with the Staff are responsible for the discipline of the school.

Violation of the Code of Conduct

The school adopts a positive/constructive approach to the management of discipline wherein the students would willingly accept the norms of conduct of the school and commit to behave or act in an appropriate or desirable manner, leading to their academic excellence and overall development, rather than unwillingly complying with the rules because of the fear or threat of punishment. In spirit of this approach, the school would strive to create a teaching-learning environment conducive to encouraging self-discipline among students. The school would also make attempts to understand the causes of problematic behaviour among children and counsel them appropriately. However, if the misconduct do occur despite the above measures, the school would be obliged to take punitive action for the purpose of deterrence and in the larger interest of the school/community.

Discipline committee has the authority to take the final decision on any discipline matter. Violation of the Code of Conduct prescribed by the school attracts appropriate punishment depending on the act of indiscipline.