Welcome to Indian School Al Seeb where dreams unfold into reality!

Every child is a possible winner. What matters is not what we teach; but what they learn. The probability of real learning is more when the students are engaged in the learning process. At ISAS, children are at the centre of education, harnessing the ‘I CAN’ superpower in each one of them. To achieve this, they are:

* Empowered with the ‘I CAN’ mindset
* Equipped to be aware of the world around them
* Enabled to take action and create a more desirable world

Thank you, parents, for choosing ISAS to educate your child. You are the first teacher and the ultimate role model of your wards. No school can work well unless parents and teachers act in partnership for the best interest of the children. Let’s foster character, leadership and self-esteem in our children that they may have the confidence to express and exhibit the best version of their personality.

ISAS is blessed with a dedicated team of mentors and administrative staff. Our teachers are committed to their vocation, focusing on the individual needs of every child. I am privileged to be a part of the ISAS family, where every day is an opportunity to dream big, explore and achieve; where education transcends information and learning becomes an exciting journey of discovery.

In a transformed ecosystem of education where learning is available any time anywhere, we at ISAS fulfil our commitment to ignite the inner will of our children, to transform them with the right knowledge, skills and attitude.

To become a better version of ourselves, let’s embark on a journey filled with hope,
determination, faith and humility. Let’s intertwine these qualities to sculpt a resilient spirit that not only navigates the ups and downs of life but also nurtures a deeper, more compassionate essence within ourselves and around us.

With best wishes

Alex C. Joseph  

Principal, Indian School Al Seeb.

Email Address: principal@indianschoolseeb.com