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School Regulations

  • Code of Conduct
    The school expects all students to maintain a high standard of discipline. Being an English medium school, they are expected to communicate in English during school hours. They should be well mannered and considerate to the needs of others and courteous at all times. They should be dedicated to their academics and actively participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school. Violation of any of the norms of conduct is subject to any appropriate form of punishment decided by the school. Serious offences such as immoral behaviour, indulging in physical fights / brawls inside and outside the school campus, and damaging or defecting school property and forgery can lead to suspension or dismissal. Prefects and Monitors together with the staff are responsible for the discipline of the school.

    Rules regarding Admissions
    1. The school is primarily intended for Indian children. All children are expected to follow the curriculum prescribed by the school.
    2. Application for admission should be made online ( on the prescribed form by parents or guardians, who will be responsible to the Head of the School for the pupil’s contact, punctuality, regular attendance, progress in school and payment of fees.
    3. A child must have completed three years (as on 31st March of the school year) before he/she is admitted to lower K.G. Children who have completed 5 years (as on 31st March of the school year) will be considered for admission to Class I. A corresponding scale of age is fixed for the successive classes.
    4. A pupil may be given an oral/written test at the time of admission. The decision of the school authorities regarding the entrance test shall be final.
    5. A pupil who joins the school for the first time must produce an official birth certificate, and passport, in evidence of the date of birth to be entered in the admission form. A candidate coming from another school must produce a transfer certificate and progress report from the school last attended, duly countersigned by the education officer of the area.

    Note to parents:
    1. Parents/students making any payments to the school staff must demand a receipt. If not received, you may inform the Principal.
    2. Please make sure that the school fee is paid in time as per schedule.
    3. Parents must ensure that your wards daily turn out in proper school uniform to school, failing which we might have to send your wards home. Students coming late to school must have an explanatory note from their parents without which they are likely to be sent home. Kindly ensure that all boys have a proper hair cut at regular intervals. We solicit your kind co-operation in this regard.
    4. Parents are requested not to send their wards to school when they are sick. In case any class tests or Formative Tests are scheduled and the child is sick, an alternate test date will be given within a week to ten days. In case of Summative Tests, (Class V to VIII) your wards will be exempted from the exam provided a proper medical certificate is submitted on time.
    5. In case of class IX and X, the students will be given a separate Summative Exam soon after recovery from the illness.
    6. Please make sure that a leave note is sent to the concerned Vice Principal / KG Supervisor / Class Teacher of your ward in case the students are absent.

    Rules regarding Withdrawal
    1. Prescribed application for withdrawal should be submitted to the Principal at least one month in advance before leaving the school or in lieu of that a month’s fee will be charged if the student is withdrawn before the end of December.
    2. Pupils intending to withdraw from 1st January onwards have to pay fees for the full academic year.

    Rules regarding School Fee
    1. A period of one month from the due date will be allowed to make the payment of fees. If the fee is not paid within this period or one month, a fine of R.O. 1/- per month will be charged. The fine will be continued at the rate of R.O. 1/- month for subsequent delay of every month.
    2. Tuition fees should be paid quarterly, by the 15th of the 1st month of each quarter.
    3. Pupils will not be permitted to appear for the terminal examinations unless their fees have been paid up to date.
    4. Fees should be paid in the school office during the hours indicated.
    5. Before leaving the fee counter, parents are requested to verify that the name, G.R. No., class and amount are in order in the fee receipt. Any claim in this regard will not be entertained later.
    6. Children who remain absent continuously for six months or more without prior intimation to school and who have not deposited the fees for that time period will be struck off the roll.

    Rules regarding Discipline
    Students are expected to be regular in attendance and academics, obedient and respectful and should avoid malpractices in tests and examinations. If any student is found indulging in unfair means during examinations, he/she will be marked zero in that particular paper.
    Students must be in time for the Morning Assembly.
    Students are not permitted to leave the classroom without proper reasons and written permission. If a student has to go home from school he/she must get written permission from the school authority.
    Respect for school property is a moral obligation and any damage to it must be made good by the student concerned.
    Caps may be worn only out in the sun.
    Chewing gum in the school premises is prohibited.
    Objectionable literature, Mobiles, Internet materials and films / CDs / Audio and Video cassettes are prohibited in school. Harmful and illegal materials and substances are also prohibited in school.
    Smoking in and around the school premises is a serious offence. Graffiti and defacing walls, desks, and toilets will be dealt with severely.
    Forging parent’s signature and changing marks and entries in report cards may warrant suspension.
    Distribution of invitation cards for organized parties at hotels for which money is charged for entrance is not permitted.
    Distribution of pamphlets / advertisements is not permitted.
    No student can bring an outsider to school and arrange meetings or engage them to fight against students of the school.
    Bunking class or being found outside the school during school hours will be severely dealt with.
    The use of foul and objectionable language is unacceptable. Stealing of any kind is a serious offence.
    No collective petition of students will be entertained. However, personal grievances can be addressed individually with the Mentor, Class Teacher, HoDs, Vice Principal, or Principal.

    Rules regarding Behaviour / Attitude
    1. Students should not undermine the authority of those kept in charge.
    2. Students should be well behaved, respectful, honest, and truthful.
    3. It is imperative that the students keep the classrooms and school premises neat and clean. They should use the bins provided for the disposal of litter.
    4. Clean, healthy, open, friendship and respect for the opposite sex is appreciated. Boys and girls are not permitted to pair off and be seen in close proximity at any time in and around the school campus. Parents of those violating this rule will be intimated immediately.

    Rules regarding Uniform
    1. Personal neatness and cleanliness is appreciated at all times.
    2. Students will not be entertained if they are not proper school uniform (as specified in the School Handbook) even on non-instructional days.
    3. On P.E. days, sports attire, and shoes must be worn. Girls must refrain from moving about in shorts in the immediate vicinity of the school.
    4. Similarly Scouts / Guides should wear their uniform on specified days.
    5. Students should come in proper school uniform during parent-teacher meetings.
    6. Short, neat haircut for boys with no fancy cuts or styles is permitted. Beard or stubble is not permitted. Girls must tie up / plaint long hair. No fancy accessories or hairstyles are permitted.
    7. Both boys and girls must refrain from using unusual hair colouring during the school term.
    8. Boys are forbidden to wear earrings, chains, bracelets, or rings. Girls are permitted to wear small neat earrings and a thin chain with a single pendant. They are not permitted to wear bangles, bracelets, anklets, and too many pendants.
    9. Nails should be short and clean. Nail polish is not permitted for school.

    Rules regarding Leave of Absence
    1. Students must be regular to school. If a student comes late to school three times in a month, he / she is likely to be sent back home and marked absent.
    2. Leave of absence is granted only for valid reasons and with the prior written application of the parents.
    3. In the case of long leave, Leave Applications addressed to the Principal should be handed over in advance to the Class Teacher, who in turn will submit it to the Vice Principal for ratification and further action.
    4. All leave applications should be noted in the prescribed “Record of Leave of Absence” in the School Handbook. If a student is absent from school even for a day, it is imperative that the parents send a leave note addressed to the class teacher on the very next day, which will be filed for future reference. In case of a girl student, the parents must inform the Class Teacher through a message or telephone on that day itself.
    5. Except for duly approved reasons, the extension of a vacation is not permitted under normal circumstances. Latecomers who have not intimated school authorities may run the risk of having their names struck off from the school roll.
    6. Applications for medical leave must always be accompanied by a medical certificate on the first day of attendance after the leave.
    7. A student, who for some unexplained reason, has been absent for a month or more, is liable to have his or her name struck off without advance notice. If readmitted, he or she will have to pay all outstanding fees.

    Rules regarding Valuables
    The school does not accept responsibilities for the loss of books, money, clothes, etc. Each child is responsible for his or her own things. Parents are advised not to allow their children to bring any valuables to school.

    Rule regarding Tuition
    No student may take private tuition in any subject from any member of the school staff without the prior permission of the Principal.

    Rules regarding Collection / Gifts
    No fines or collections for any purpose whatsoever may be made without the previous sanction of the Principal. So also, the presentation of gifts to members of the staff requires previous sanction.
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