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  • To promote creativity through photography, to share and critique the photographs of peers, to educate and improve technical skills, and to spread the love of photography.

  • This helps members of the club receive and administer constructive criticism in a positive environment and encourages the improvement of photography skills.

  • Having at least one photography-related outing per semester. This gives the members of the club an opportunity to test their photography skills outside of the school environment with each other.

  • Promoting photography throughout the campus. This can be done by posting pictures taken by the club around the school to demonstrate the photography skills of the members of the club.

  • To promote the development of photographic art and technique by providing opportunities for individual and group.

  • To provide opportunities to share the experiences and skills of other people by the means of visits by speakers to the Club

  • To facilitate specialized training evenings and practical demonstrations of techniques.

  • To provide a friendly environment in Club where all members can acquire, develop and practice new skills and meet new friends

  • To organize field trips of photographic interest and social events

  • To hold internal Club competitions open to all Club members to encourage the development of production and presentational skills. External assessors will be invited to appraise all the images.

  • To promote the Club and the photography of its members by entering Battles and Competitions with other Clubs.



  • Introduction of Club

  • Different types of photography

  • Different types of cameras

  • Focusing

  • Rule of third

  • Exposure

  • Composition

  • Gallery setting Up

  • Click on your interested photos

  • Photography inter-house competition

Photography inter-school competition