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Art Club is open for any student interested in the visual arts. You can work on drawing, painting, and sometimes sculptures. The things you create can include your own projects or even those from your art classes. Art Club is an arena to meet an interact with  creative people.

The study of art can be an outlet and can provide quite a few significant benefits to all the students. Art can relieve stress, which can be a new and intense emotion for art lovers. Once ensconced in an art club, students may need to brainstorm for new activities to stoke their creative fires.

Benefits of an Art Club

An art club is a place where students can practice varied  art forms and hone their individual skills. From mixed medium to water colour and traditional oil painting, students get innumerable opportunities to enhance their unique talents and explore new avenues of enrichment and expression.

Our school art club curriculum is diverse and beneficial at many levels . Teens can collaborate with other artists in the school, further develop their techniques and learn new ones, expand their portfolio and more. Students are often required to work in groups and learn to work together through class projects for the school hence a team spirit with healthy interaction and competition is developed sharpening their creative skills.

The art community is often tight knit. Students create life-long, important relationships with others who share a thirst and thrust for art.

Choosing Art Themes for Events

We plan in such a way that art activities coincide with, or act as  backdrops for school events.

Fun Activities for an Art Club

To motivate the club members we often exhibit their creations in the halls and entryways of our school. The art club provides splashes of colour along the corridors, auditorium and other open spaces. The art club creates a bevy of pieces to brighten the school as well as the students’ day so that they love the school environment which is exuberant with colours.

“A simple line painted with the brush can lead to freedom and happiness”